Hi, hello,

This is one more of these many homepages created by some guy who believes he will make the world better by posting various pictures he took along the way.

In my everyday life and when preparing my vacations I always find many very useful hints on the internet and although I can not care to remember who posted them, I am thankful to every author. In the same spirit I would like to contribute to this huge knowledge pool and intend to do two things: post pictures that please the eye and publish informations and hints that might help in any other way.

This homepage is purely private, which means that I am not an expert in web-programming thus don't know how to use CSS, cookies and other annoying items. Only pure and simple static html-pages. Of course you'll notice that as far as design is concerned, I am a beginner.

I created this page for our pleasure: yours and mine, and hope you will enjoy it. Do not hesitate to forward a reference to it. All pictures and texts are free for private and non-commercial use. Please leave the watermark in the pictures, so that others may find the way to this site.

If you wish to add a comment simply let me know.

Walter Tinkl
A-1040 Wien
walter@tmtmm. net
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